Videos created and directed by Pau Ros

in collaboration with POPklik or Completely Naked

For POPklik

Art Futura London 2019 (Short)

Art Futura London 2019 (Long)

Art Hoppers’ school interviews ‘Holidays’

Sounding DIY @ Chalton Gallery

Sounding DIY @ OTO

5th Spring Weekend LSFF

El Solitario (fashion)

Iberica Restaurants

Explaining Dance at Sadler’s Well

‘Kabaret’ SPHINX Theatre

Applied at CENTRAL

Vanessa Redgrave at BAFTA

Sandy Powell in Conversation

London Spanish Film Festival

Joana Granero @ LSFF

Jordi Molla @ LSFF

8th LSFF 2012


Paella: Black Rice

Almodovar at BAFTA

What’s unique @ CENTRAL?

Memory in a Minefield Lola Arias

Lorenzo Vigas ‘From Afar’ ICA

IE Master in Design, London

Women at CENTRAL

Practice at CENTRAL

POPklik Promo

POPklik Promo

POPklik Promo

For Completely Naked

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